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Conducting Arbitrations for Employment Matters

Leveraging Donna Rutter's extensive litigation experience, she is now on the Employment Roster for the American Arbitration Association (AAA). 

Employment arbitrations allow the parties an opportunity to have their dispute addressed in an efficient, private and thoughtful manner. Within this platform, Donna strives to allow the parties to provide significant input on the direction of the arbitration process. While the arbitration agreement is the starting place for many issues, Donna will look to the parties to guide the required discovery which they believe is necessary to present their case. Donna carefully oversees the arbitration process, but understands that the parties know their case the best and thus are encouraged to provide meaningful insight throughout the arbitration.  


For over 30 years, Donna has litigated employment cases in state and federal courts as well as appeared in a multitude of arbitration proceedings.  Given this extensive background, she has deep experience in managing critical aspects of employment litigation from the complaint/demand stage all the way through the hearing and beyond.  While “keeping her eye on the ball," Donna provides a fair, efficient and streamlined process. She takes an active approach in communicating with the parties and when necessary will be readily available to assist with disputes that may arise along the way.  Donna has been described by both sides as thorough, accessible, and fair, while also not being afraid to make the tough decisions that present during the arbitration process.


All of Donna’s arbitration services are administered through the American Arbitration Association and in accordance with the Employment Arbitration Rules.

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